What is Hot Stamping

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Hot stamping is a process in which stamping foil get transfer on to any substrate by using high temperature and pressure. In this process die made-up of metal or rubber which has artwork on it.
Relief printing is another name for hot stamping.

Although the process has started in early 1900.
It became popular after the 1950s.

In olden days, stamping was used to print the title of the project.
After the 1970s this technology is using on plastics. Since then, this become one of the technique of decorating the plastic products.

Process of hot stamping machine.

In the hot stamping machine, Operator uses a metal or rubber make die for mounting on the machine. This die have image or information which has to be transferred on the product. Earlier, pantograph machine is used to make metal die. This is process is still being used today. Nowadays CNC machines are making these dies. They are fast and accurate. Also, another method for making the die is, by way of etching the copper plates. This technology is relatively cheaper in price and gives excellent results.

Manufacture recommends the temperature for heating die. This is normally between 130 to 200 degrees.
Machine give pressure to the die. Foil gets transfer on the product. In fact Foil fuses on the product.

In this process the Temperature of the die.
Pressure applied and the time of pressure are the main three factors in order to have sharp prints.
Each manufacturer is giving the technical specifications along with the foils. In order to achieve correct transfer specification, should be followed

Hot Stamping Process
Hot Stamping Process