Selection of hot stamping machine.

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While Selection of hot stamping machine, as a rule-following factors must be considered. Quality of equipment has a direct impact on the quality of prints.

1) Strong construction of the Hot Stamping Machine.

As in hot stamping machine pressure on the product is one of the important factors.
Machine should give equal pressure on the product, in spite of giving such pressure machine should not bend backside.  It should have solid construction.
Machine should also have micro-adjustable pressure, in order to have the correct pressure. Mechanical adjustment or the pneumatic cylinder having pressure adjustments used.
In general, a machine should also have the facility to adjust various components having different heights.

2) Heating elements. (Heaters)

The temperature required to transfer the foil or marking on the product should be accurate. If the temperature is not proper then, either the foil may not take a transfer or it will burn the foil and the product. So, the temperature controller is a very important factor to maintain the exact temperature. however, in order to get an accurate temperature. Digital temperature controller and PID temperature controller are in use.
PID controller is one of the best options for these machines.

Also, the power consumed in these heaters are also very important. If the heaters rating ( in watts) are lower then, as you stamp the product heat will be consumed by the stamping process and temperature will go down over the period. This will reduce the production as frequent brake will have to be taken the regain the desired temperature.
Some times, product which have moisture such as wood reduces the temperature as you stamp. So, it very important to understand the nature of the product, when the heater element is to be chosen.

Types of heaters available.

1) Flat heaters.
Mostly, they are made of mica. These heaters are cheaper in price and have a short life. There are some manufacturers who make good quality of as well.
2) Cartridge or Round heaters.
Nowadays, this type of heater is widely used in hot stamping machines. There are two types. Regular heaters and High-Density Heaters. The difference between these two heaters is, regular round heaters have low wattage compare to HD cartridge heater of the same size. Additionally, the life of HD heater is much longer than regular heaters.
3) Ceramic Heaters.
They come in flat and curve shapes. Transfer machines use these kinds of heater. They also have very good heating life

Hot Stamping HD Cartridge Heaters
Hot Stamping HD Cartridge Heater

3) Automatic Hot Stamping Foil rewinding system.

When the stamping completes, the foil should forward at this time to take the next print. This saves time and also stamping foil. in comparison, to holding the foil manually or using pre-cut foils.
Automatic function forward exact quantity foil this reduces the wastage. This amounts to 20% to 25%  saving on the foil.
Similarly, machines having two motors, for rewinding and stretching the foil are good to keep the foil stretched during the entire production. This system is used for high quality and large width foils. This avoids soggy foil, as continuous tension is maintained on the foil.
Spring tension is one of the ways to achieve such tension in many machines. it works effectively.

4) Easy operation and setting of the machine.

This is one fo the important factor in the selection of a hot stamping machine. To achieve fast production, the overall settings of the machine should be operator friendly.
Regularly settings.
A) Temperature settings
B) Pressure timer settings
C) Foil rewinding timer settings
D) Delay timers for the Foil rewinding motor
E) Any other timer or sensor settings as per custom requirements.
F) Production count, Batch count etc.

5) After-sales service and support for the machine.

It is important to choose a manufacturer who can give support and services if the machine needs after-sales support. Spare parts of the machine should be available locally and can be replaceable easily. Select manufacturers having thorough knowledge of the machine and the process.

6) Custom made hot stamping machine and automation.

Many times the standard machine does not fulfil the requirements. In that case, the machine is manufactured as per customers requirement. Some machines require loading and unloading automation along with standard machine.
To summarise, the product dimensions, require stamping area and production quantity, the machine should be selected.