Pad Printing Machines

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When to choose Pad Printing for your product ?

 If your are looking for printing directly onto product then, pad printing  is a unique process. In this process print is picked up by silicon pad or rubber and transferred onto product. If you have small quantities or big production runs, this printing method is most suitable. This process is used in printing small logos, brand names, product description, decoration, part identification and marking directly onto products. It can print on most Plastic, Cloth, Glass, Metal, Rubber, HDPE, PP and Polyamide products. The main advantage of this process is to print onto uneven surfaces. Because of this, pad printing has become more popular in recent times.

Advantages of choosing "Pad Printing" process.

  • It can print on any shape and also with high print quality.
  • High quality of printing sharpness
  • Pad printing machine has very low maintenance cost 
  • Lowest  print cost per product comparied to other similar processes
  • Fast setup time. Due to this small production runs can be easily achievable.
  • Motorised / Electrical Or Pneumatic. Also Singal colour or two colousr can be printed in one go.
  • Require small space for operation.
  • Spare parts are easily available in the market
  • Operator Friendly.  Also no skilled labour is required.

Pneumatic Pad Printing Machine

Features :

  • The PA 90 and 125 pad printer features a 90mm and 125 mm  diameter cup size.
  • Machine are equiped with high abration resistant ceramic cup ring with double edge. this results in long life of rcup ring.
  • Ideal for continuous duty production runs with high quality printing.
  • The HMI control panel enables the operator to set speed, pickup and print strokes, continuous and/or single cycle,  Production Count Batch counts I/O list  for easy operation.
  • Pneumatic operation guarantees excellent printing uniformity and independent pressure regulation on parts and cliché.
  • The cycle speed of this machine is 1,200 -1400 per hour, but operator and ink limitations allow us to realistically calculate production based on 1000 to 1,200 cycles per hour.
  • The print holder table of the PAS 90 and  125 is adjustable in all directions (X-Y-Z axes).
  • The machine is also easy to operate and require no special maintenance.
  • Ideal pad printer for automobile parts, electrical parts. and many more industrial, Cosmetic and house hold products.

Motorised Pad Printing Machine

Features :

  • This machine do not required any compressed air, hence less power consumption.
  • It can print maximum 45 mm  to 50 mm diameter artwork.
  • Heavy construction, this means long life and less viberation while printing.
  • The unique cam action provided good quality impression.
  • This machine are desigh to provide long production hours.
  • The fixed speed of this 1400 impression per hr.
  • This machine requires very low maintenance as comparied to any other type of pad printer
  • this machine is "Table top" machine and requirs very small space. Machien can be run in home with domestic power supply.
  • Machine is provided with production counter.
  • Machine is very easy to operate.

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