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We manufacture Manual, Semi-automatic Hot Stamping Machine, also Hot Foil transfer machines. We use industrial-grade motor for the foil rewinding system. Similarly, by using quality pneumatics, we make our automatic and semi-automatic machines. We provide micro-adjustment for precision pressure. We use high-density cartridge heaters. Heater has a long life, due to which we can achieve an accurate temperature.

We use Delta HMI, PLC, and PID temperature controller. These helps us in achieving desire temperature, foil time, and pressure time of the machine.It also helps to minimize foil wastage. Due to the quality part used, machine maintenance and production downtime is negligible.

Our highly qualified team works along with our clients and also to achieve de suppliers sired results. We manufacture these machines as per various industrial standards which ensures quality and durability. We offer the following machines.

When to choose hot foil stamping process?

The hot stamping machine has a heating element that heats the die. When the stamping machine presses the hot dye with foil because of pressure and temperature, pigment from the foil gets transferred on the part which requires marking. The machine lifts the stamping die. The stamping process also makes a sharp and deep impression on the product.

Benifits of the process :

Because the ink film is already dry, prints made by this process do not require additional drying.
Uniform thickness and glossy finish is the result of plane polyester backing. Due to this, the overall image on the product gets the highest finish quality.
It seems like products which require a high gloss finish for decoration, use this process. Products like cosmetics and jewellery use process.
Due to high temperature and pressure, foil sticks to the product firmly. The bonding of the pigment becomes perfect with the product. Print gets long life.

New Technology : Heate transfers foils

Nowadays, as a result of new technology preprinted foils having four-colour designs or photo prints, are being manufactured. These are an excellent choice for decorating a variety of products, including household articles and also on automobiles. With this transfer foils, all the colours are transferable in one operation without an additional process. For this reason, they are more popular in the industry. Productivity increases multiple times. Operator requires basic knowledge for operating this machine.

Advantages & Benefits of Foil Stamping

Probably this is the easiest process of decoration any product. Decorating a variety of material is possible through stamping, Likewise, Plastics, Leather, Fabrics, and paper.
Hot stamping foils produce a permanent part marking, tas a result they last for years under harsh conditions.
Hot stamping is a simple, robust, and reliable marking process. Therefore, many industries adopt this technology for in-house production.
Foil enhances a printed product lifting the appearance to a new level. They are the most noteworthy prints.
Due to technical innovation in foil transfer technology, the decoration of the product is changing rapidly.

Pneumatic Machine

FeaturesĀ  of Pneumatic Machine :

Overall less vibration and long life of the machine, due to heavy construction.
The operator can do micro-adjustments setting by knobs hence less time for setting the job.
The machine has pneumatic up and down movement of the stamping Head. The cylinder has an inbuilt micro pressure adjustment. Due to this, the pressure is adjustable while in operation.
Furthermore, HMI has a controllable function for pressure time, delay time, and foil feed adjustment. Even more, display has input and output lists to examine machine-related issues if any.
As a result of high-density heaters, PID controller shows accurate and constant temperature. Similarly, ampere meter displays the current consumption.
The machine has a table with linear guide because of which it can move front and back manually. Similarly, a pneumatic option is available on demand. It, even more, operator friendly.
Similarly, the heating temperature is settable through the HMI panel.
Likewise, fine foil forwarding adjustment is settable through HMI for foil rewinding timing.
For the reason of safety, safety push buttons and electric curtains are available as an optional attachment to prevent industrial accidents.
Single-cycle and automatic cycle is settable through the touch panel. Even more, setting such as production count, batch count many other parameters are settable through HMI.
Furthermore, the machine can be attached to an index table for increasing the production capacity.

Manual Machine

Features of Manual Machine :

Digital meter controls the temperature of the stamping dye as stamping quality depends on the accurate temperature.
The machine is coupled with a height adjustment stud so that different products can fit in the machine.
Accurate foil winding is possible due to the digital timer.
Digital timer controls the exact foil length, hence more usage of foil.
The machine has HD Cartridge heaters, hence long usage life.
One can achieve maximum temperature to 300 degrees centigrades.
You can replace the dye by pulling out a hot plate in a short time.
Generally speaking, small scale industry use this machine for short production runs.

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